Sirikt 2015 International Conference

27th – 29th May 2015

Sirikt 2015 International Conference - 27th – 29th May 2015

GiveTake Fair


Would you like to present your peer-learning experience to others and at the same time learn something new? Have you undertaken any learning activities together with your learners? Have you applied any of the e-services, e-contents or e-tools in a new, innovative way? Do you have some experience with your learners in applying ICT to gain higher levels of knowledge?

Have you succeeded in using modern technology for assessment? Did you dare to flip the conventional approaches to learning and teaching? Or perhaps you managed to reach something more with just a small change?
Inspire us with your experience and learn about the others’ experience at the same time.

Presentation form

Presenters will be grouped into clusters of three, where they will share their experiences among themselves. Each presenter at the give-and-take fair will participate in three round tables, each time in a different formation. In this way, he will have the opportunity to present his idea and experience three times, and listen to six other presentations. Each presenter will have 5 minutes available for the presentation, and another 5 minutes for the discussion. The audience (observers or listeners) will be able to interact in the discussion as well. There will be a moderator at each table, responsible for timekeeping. After 30 minutes, the presenters will change places as to form a new table. The key for changing their places will be given by the moderators.
Observers or listeners will walk around the tables, listen to presentations and to the discussions among members of the table, and they will also be able to get involved and express their opinion.