Sirikt 2015 International Conference

27th – 29th May 2015

Sirikt 2015 International Conference - 27th – 29th May 2015

Call for papers


We invite all professionals working in the field of education to actively participate with contributions in the conference addressing the topic Learning from each other within one of the three specified challenges:


  1. How do teachers learn from their learners?
  2. How do learners learn from each other?
  3. How do we as professionals learn from each other?


In your contribution you are expected to emphasize the effectiveness and critical use of ICT, as well as how you measure your and students’ success and achievements. We would also like you all who are involved in accessibility of online sources, e-materials and web tools for learners with special needs and talents to join us in searching answers to these challenges.


Your contributions can be presented through one of the three programme sections:


The SIRikt 2015 programme committee will assess contributions according to the following criteria:

  • the compliance of the abstract with the policy of the conference,
  • concise summary and guiding idea of the contribution with a clear answer to the selected challenge of the conference,
  • three clearly expressed aims of the contribution, which are in compliance with the conference main idea,
  • clearly defined time schedule of the workshop with aims and activities for participants (applicable for workshops),
  • author references.

Each author can submit a maximum of two papers (once as author and twice as co-author).


Important dates:

Deadline for the submission of papers: 14th March 2015
Deadline for feedback on the approval of participation at the conference: 31st March 2015  3rd April 2015.


We wish the SIRikt2015 conference to be a great opportunity for learning from each other.

SIRikt 2015 programme commitee